13 February 2008

Magical Indeed

Amazing. I share these results simply to satisfy your scientific curiosity, of course. Upon my second night of sleeping on the Magical Makeout Pillow, I had my second straight makeout dream.

...ok, poorly chosen wording. It was my second consecutive makeout dream.

But unfortunately, I do not remember the details of this one. I do remember that it wasn't as hot as the previous night's dream. But I remember the makeout being followed immediately by a bunch of people standing in the kitchen, where someone had just finished an arduously-made masterpiece of a cake. It was in two large, rectagular layers, and the texture, the light fluffiness, the flavor, was incredible, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

I held the bottom layer as the master cake-maker (I don't remember who it was) ever so delicately placed the top layer over it. Every movement was carefully calculated to make only the most minute impact on the bottom layer. We all held our breath. As the last corner of the top layer was rested into place, the whole thing crumbled like a house of cards all over the floor, in as comical a way as a cake can crumble awkwardly, and somehow, this was a ridiculously hilarious sight.

Have you ever laughed yourself awake? Yeah, I woke up laughing and thought, "That was really funny, and I don't know why, and oh yeah, I made out with someone right before the cake fiasco. I should blog about that tomorrow."

The end.

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